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  1. Electronic Equipment
    Testing micro POG guitar pedal by Electro Harmonix
  2. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hi, I've always been a "blue note bebop obsessed" kind of player, Last week I plugged my 12M bari to a Line 6 HX FX guitar effect pedal. I haven't figured out yet how to use effects in a band setting, but I think it could be interesting as long as it will be musical! I have used a delay in the...
  3. YouTube videos
    Hey SOTW! I do love pedals, it's no secret, and I finally made a demo of one of my very favorites in existence. I've been using the "Transmisser" reverb pedal by EarthQuaker Devices for many months now, and it's used pretty heavily on the new Progger record. It works wonders with any signal...
  4. YouTube videos
    Hey there, SOTW community! I've been making a few videos this year for EarthQuaker Devices, a very awesome little company out of Akron, Ohio that happens to be cranking out some of my favorite effects pedals on the market these days. EarthQuaker designs its pedals to be used by a huge range of...
  5. YouTube videos
    Hey, SOTW! I made the first video in a series I'll be doing demonstrating the use of guitar pedals with saxophones (or any other wind instrument). I'm a massive nerd for guitar effects pedals and blending them into a saxophone sound has been an intermittent project of mine for almost a decade...
1-5 of 5 Results