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  1. Beaugnier, G. Leblanc & Vito
    After months of always coming back and admiring the posting on eBay for this Beaugnier alto I finally bit the bullet and went for it. I knew going in that it was missing a pad, it is ugly (and I love ugly horns!), and it will eventually need a full repad eventually. Plus the G pad fell out in...
  2. Holton
    Hi all, I have a silver baritone saxophone and I'm trying to determine its age. The engraving on the bell is quite faint and the S/N is 12643. I am able to make out "Gretsch Commander Chicago Brooklyn U.S.A." on the bell I was able to find pictures of the same model of bari sax on the...
  3. Pads and Resonators
    Hi: I am about to get my old Gretsch Commander redone. I have heard about "snap-in" pads and "flat resonators." Seems like there is a choice as to the pads which can be put in there. I'd like the horn to sound like a sax and not a piece of buzzy, flashy, too-bright electronic equipment. Which...
  4. C Melody Soprano, Contralto & Tenor
    I'm new here as a contributor, but I've been lurking for awhile. Years ago in a buying frenzy I bought a Gretsch Great American C Melody, and promptly put it in storage when I could only get one note out of it. I've been playing my saxes more lately, and have flipped a few after doing some...
  5. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Hi, I've recently bought a Gretsch Commander on ebay. Now I wounder which company has built this stenci l. Could it be a Buescher stencil. I'm no expert. Here you can find some pics. Could anyone help identifying it? Thank you! :-) Kind regards
1-5 of 8 Results