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  1. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    Hello, I got a much used alto M.C. Gregory for "only" 50 Dlls. I attach some picks sent by seller and have noticed the following. - It says Hollywood instead of Los Angeles below MC Gregory ( I have not found any other example like this one on the net) - It doesn´t have a metal ring or three...
  2. Baritone mpc
    Hello! :) I'm interested to hear expert bari player's opinions about "high end" vintage mpcs. My setup is currently '67 The Martin bari with Brilhart Tonalin mpc (w/Rico Select Jazz 3S). I haven't measured the tip opening yet, but it feels about same size as modern Meyer 7M. I like very much...
  3. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Hi guys. I think some explanation is in order. I'm doing this because of the recent thread concerning this horn. I purchased the GH Huller tenor saxophone with Nazi fluting. I payed far less for it than what it was listed for. I purchased it because of its historical value, not its value as a...
1-3 of 16 Results