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  1. Ida Maria GRASSI
    I have picked up a pair (alto and tenor) of vintage Grassi jade roller saxophones and would like to restore them to their original state. Both came with green pads. Any ideas on where I can get these?
  2. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    I play on a 1960 Buescher Aristocrat Mark III Bari Sax, and with it's age the finish on it has started to corrode a bit (I personally like how it looks however), thus revealing what seems to be copper. I played on it a lot, and just so happened to forget to empty my spit valve or do any...
  3. Reeds
    Hi everyone, attached I have a picture from two perspectives of what's going on. I know it has nothing to do with the case because it was a perfect reed when I started playing it, then four hours later, when i'm done playing, i take it off and find this green stuff. Please help me out, any...
  4. Reeds
    Hello everyone, I recently started noticing a problem with my reeds that's not necessarily harming my sound, it's just something i need to know more about. On the back the of the reed that I was playing earlier today, there is mold, specifically in the place where the reed is on the table of the...
  5. Recordings, Movies
    Come check out what is new on our YouTube channel! In 2010 Tetraphonics flew to England and had the pleasure to work with renowned british saxophonist Barbara Thomson and her husband Jon Hiseman on a music video of sorts. The piece is called 'Geeen', one of six...
1-5 of 6 Results