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  1. Ida Maria GRASSI
    I got this dirt cheap, $70 shipping and all because the neck was broken. I was able to solder the neck back together and keep it the house I grew up in to play when I am there. It had just been repadded when I got it. The Serial is 2925 and says made in Italy. I know that stencils don't...
  2. Ida Maria GRASSI
    I have picked up a pair (alto and tenor) of vintage Grassi jade roller saxophones and would like to restore them to their original state. Both came with green pads. Any ideas on where I can get these?
  3. Ida Maria GRASSI
    Just came across a Grassi 2000 alto at Saxquest. There is no price listed. Looks like a pretty nice horn with new pads. What is a fair price for one of these?
  4. Ida Maria GRASSI
  5. Ida Maria GRASSI
    Sorry for cross posting. Just I thought a new thread would draw the attention since I need to decide about this quickly. There are two options for me to buy: Ida Maria Grassi Tenor Professional from 1981 vs. Professional 2000 made in mid 80s. The Professional looks like new. Professional 2000...
  6. Ida Maria GRASSI
    Hi All, a little while ago someone on the forum created a Grassi page on Facebook, I can't find it, searched the forum can't still can't find it! The only Grassi that comes up on the FB search is the official page for the new production, which says not a lot. Can someone remind me of the link...
  7. Ida Maria GRASSI
    I'm pretty amazed right now. I joined this Grassi ownership group on Facebook, and a link was given to the official Grassi page on there (Facebook page) (!/IdaMariaGrassi?fref=ts). Well, on that page there were pics of a tenor and bari, both supposingly being made by...
  8. Ida Maria GRASSI
    I need advice on how to figure out the approx. value of my old Grassi alto. I would like to sell it, but don't know how much to ask for it. I tried Pete's ebay suggestion but found no closed auctions for a Grassi alto. Serial number 27312, I understand is from 1974-5. Has green (jade) felts...
  9. Ida Maria GRASSI
    Very recently I bought a Grassi "standard" low A bari sax (thanks milandro :bluewink:). It is gold lacquered (both keywork and body), and it has black rollers. The G# key has a MOP inlay with a greenish tint, but that's about as "jadish" as my bari is. The serial number indicates that it is...
1-9 of 16 Results