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  1. Reeds
    The title really says it all. I was curious to know how many gig-quality reeds the users here get out of a box so that I can manage my own expectations a little. For me with Java Green 2.5s on a Morgan 5m (tenor) I'd say I generally get on average three out of five that I would play on a gig...
  2. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    Hey guys, I've really been working on trying to develop my tone lately as I'm a junior in high school and my jazz band's lead alto player, and it's coming along, but it's still missing that edge I'm looking for. The link below is what I'm really trying to emulate, it's Max Swan a great...
  3. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    In your opinion, who is a good/great/excellent saxophonist and why?
  4. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    I feel like this is a great and helpful site. It lets you know about tons of brands, what is good or bad, and can act almost like a teacher. However, there is also lots of items for sale and it lets you know about even more types of saxophones making you low on cash very fast. So in your...
  5. Ligatures
    so while looking around the forums i noticed a whole bunch of "review" threads for mouthpieces and seeming as im in the position of needing to buy another ligature myself i thought it could be handy if we had one of these for ligatures aswell the format i thought of is as follows 1. the...
1-5 of 8 Results