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  1. Solo Performer
    Hello, friends. I have been playing at wedding receptions and other parties for the past ten years, and I have found it very useful to keep a check-list, to make sure that I do not overlook anything that I need to take to the event, or do in preparation for the event. I have been working as a...
  2. Music Venues Around the World
    As many of you already know, this year would have marked the 90th Birthday's of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. I'm thrilled to be hosting a very special gig at the Cambridge Arts Theatre on Sunday, 13th November at 7.45pm to mark the start two weeks of the Cambridge Jazz Festival. It would be...
  3. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Hi all, I am creating a business model to address the problems within the creative industry of music. Please take this 30 second survey to help me out in reaching a solution! (Only 3 questions) Thanks very much in advance, Spark
  4. High School and College
    Hey guys! I'm a student combo leader for my high school jazz combo. We wanted to start performing and we're hoping to start maybe sometime in December at some retirement homes. I was wondering when would be a good time to start contacting the retirement homes? Also is it best to ask by phone or...
  5. Working Sax Pros
    I'm curious to know the times and days of the jam sessions where other people live to compare them to here in Barcelona. Are they during the night or on weekends and what time do they usually start and end? When does the host band go on and the actual jam session start? If you are not a...
  6. Working Sax Pros
    How do you know when you're ready to begin gigging? I am certain this question has been posed many times before, but I don't have the easiest time using the "search" function on the site. Anyway, as a couple people on the forums may already know, I've been playing tenor saxophone on and off...
  7. Working Sax Pros
    Hello. I have this question about pit orchestra positions: suppose I'd like to play saxophone for a local show. What qualifications, as a saxophone player, should I have? I assume sight-reading is a given; is there anything else? If so, what? Also, how does one get such a position? Local ad...
  8. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Hi everyone I'm hosting an Open Jam tomorrow evening, (Sunday 4th Jan) in Cambridge, (England).. Any SOTW'ers out there who want to come down, bring your axe and let's have some fun! More details here,
  9. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Playing really fast...why do we do it? Because machine gun 8th notes are awesome :twisted: Seriously though, how many of you have turned up the heat on some of your gigs? I was going through some recordings of gigs and found this one of my quartet playing My Shining Hour. It was the last tune...
  10. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Hey, folks This just came across my desk, and thought that this may interest some of my saxophone brethren. The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra is hiring a second tenor player. The gig begins Jan 10, 2014. Audition material submission deadline is Nov 9, 2013. I've posted all of the...
  11. Working Sax Pros
    Hi All!! In September and October of 2013, I'll be touring Ireland with Irish Jazz Musician of the Year 2010 David Lyttle, and his Trio. Further details can be found on my website We will be stopping at a host of venues both north and south of the...
  12. Jazz and Improvisation
    - 20 Tips for the Jazz Musician - A few things to remember at the gig
  13. Eb Alto
    Who are the top jazz alto players today (or up and coming players) who I should be listening to and going to see play live? Thanks gang!
  14. Who We Are & "Get Togethers"
    Title kind of says it all. I'll be in Boston with my wife for a conference, and we have the nights free.
  15. Working Sax Pros
    Today I was playing a street festival with the Afrobeat/Funk/HipHop group I am a part of, and after our set, the other horn players and I were asked to sit in with another band playing later in the day. We decided to take them up on it, and we played the entire set with them. It easy, and a lot...
  16. Working Sax Pros
    i know i posted a similar thread to this before but this time a wanted specific info on clip on mics. i'm very strongly considering buying one as i frequently find myself moving around on gigs and ending up of mic. however i really know NOTHING about sound engineering as normally ill just play...
  17. Jazz and Improvisation
    I've been reading around the forum about people's stories of gigging live (especially at restaurants, patios, bars, etc), and the subject of playing songs requested by the patrons always pops up. This has been making me wonder, what did do when you first started playing gigs and didn't...
  18. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Just a head's up for those within striking distance of the Big Apple... Sunday, May 22 Who: Bob Reynolds Where: 55 Bar (55 Christopher St.) When: 9:30 (2 sets) With: Oli Rockberger (keys), John Shannon (gtr), Janek Gwizdala (bass), Mark Guiliana (drums)
1-19 of 26 Results