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  1. Cases
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a new gig bag for my saxophone to take to college, as I will be majoring in music and need a sturdy and reliable case. My alto is a Yamaha Allegro and I was wondering if it will be compatible with Jakob Winter cases (specifically this one...
  2. Bb Soprano
    I have recently bought a curved soprano saxophone and I am looking for a gig bag. I am interested in something like the Protec Soprano Sax Pro Pac Case; that is, with a pocket to carry my music notebook and some accessories (and not too big, by the way). Of course, the Protec is a possibility...
  3. Cases
    I'm looking to get a new case/gig bag for my Yamaha Custom Z tenor. I still use the "suitcase" type case it came with and I would rather have something over the shoulder. I gig/rehearse 2-3 times a week, and generally have my flute with me. I'm trying to make my load easier to carry from car to...
  4. Cases
    Does anyone knows if a Buescher Big B tenor fits well on a Reunion Blues or Glenn Cronkhite gig bag?. I want to know only if fits ok, because of the big bell, not if it´s safe or not for the horn.Thanks in advance.
  5. Cases
    Hi there saxophonists I'm thinking of buying a gig bag. I know this is a bit of a bad idea for a bari, however I borrowed a friends the other day and it was sooo much easier to get around the tubes etc by having a lighter case on my back. I would definitely keep my selmer flight case and only...
  6. Cases
    I apologize in advance if this has been asked before, however I'm looking to buy a BAM softpack for my Yamaha Custom 875 Alto. My Mark VII tenor fits beautifully in my tenor softpack but I was wondering if a Yamaha would suit the BAM? Typically I would just take my horn down to a local dealer...
1-6 of 17 Results