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  1. Tenor mpc
    Hi there, I'm play testing / experimenting with my new Gaia 6* hard rubber mouthpiece. Theo is the facing curve king. The mouthpiece is so user friendly from the top to the bottom of the sax. The sound has a nice mix of lows, low mids, and high mid frequencies. I would prefer I could keep the...
  2. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I have yet to find a way to CAP my Theo Wanne Gaia (tenor) with the reed on. Does anyone know of a cap that fits properly? I have seen some machined hacks -- but am looking to avoid that. Help???
  3. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Hey, folks. I'm headed to college soon as a jazz major, and I was wondering which of the two mouthpieces (Gaia or Ambika) is the best for straight ahead jazz and blues? I'm currently playing on a Durga 8, and Im just looking for something more appropriate for a darker, more bluesy sound.
  4. Soprano, Bass and Misc. mpc
    Hi, I've uploaded 1 new videoreview: Theo Wanne 9 for soprano You can find it (and a lot more) in my new There are also mp3s from my first album as a leader "Mr.Jobhopper". Thanks, hope you like my web site, bye Fabrizio
  5. New Product & Dealer Announcements
    Hello all-- we've been hard at work deep in the labs at Theo Wanne. There are a lot of exciting things happening--including the release of our Gaia Clarinet mouthpiece. This is the first real innovation to the clarinet mouthpiece in a long time (but what else would you expect from Theo). The...
  6. Tenor mpc
    hope you like it : this is the link sorry if I double posted it , the "new thread" fuction didn't work
  7. Tenor mpc
    Hi everybody, I know this is late coming (I passed off the piece to the next person on the list soemtime last week) but things have been very busy for me; and continue to be. Whatever. So, here is some brief impressions of the Gaia. Look, finish, craftsmanship, packaging, and...