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    Hi, sax-friends! Some (many?) of you are familiar with HirschMusic Publications' saxophone quartet music. For those who aren't, here's a link to our "Silent Night" arrangement for saxophone quartet. It's scored for both SATB & AATB. Grade 3 playability, but sounds great with pro groups (it...
  2. New Product & Dealer Announcements
    Hi, SOTW friends! Earlier today I went live with my completely rebuilt website. It is now MUCH easier to share my music with downloadable recordings and scores. Take a peek and let me know what you think. Thanks a bunch!! ~ Rick
  3. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hey folks, My name's Gabe, I'm new here. I'm looking for an opportunity to get some horn charts for my funk band (E-Funk). I'm broke (obviously a musician then... haha) but love to play. I'm the MD for my band and am trying to get in to the entertainment scene in a HUGE way. Does anyone have...
  4. Misc. Instruments and Voice
    I have been playing around more and more with penny whistles and really having fun with them. I recorded a couple of tracks for Christmas that have been posted thru the whistle world but not to sax guys - so here you go! They are free downloads on my Smooth Jazz Christmas site -...