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  1. Tenor mpc
    So recently picked up a FG Metal piece and it definitely feels different. It seems to have pretty thin rails and, I think, a pretty short facing curve. Does this match anyone else’s experience? Obviously this seem to also suggest it is reed picky; which fits in line with my experience recently...
  2. Tenor mpc
    I did this comparison for a friend of mine who, just like me, likes to compare gear. I'm not that much of a player, but I thought it might be interesting to let you share this riddle. My friend wanted something like R&B or Funk so I found a funky playalong in the net and played some pentatonic...
  3. Tenor mpc
    This mouthiece (got it today) is one of Freddie's earlier models, serial number 0159 and Made in England. I have not been able to record a clip yet, but I can say it sounds mellow but has something to offer on the treble side as well. It's not stuffy nor dull at all. What I would like those...
1-3 of 36 Results