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forum maintenance/problem

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    I am experimenting with adding sidebars to some of the forum pages. Do not be alarmed. If you see them causing any problems, please report on Forum problems. Thanks,
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    A member writes: I'll be working on this one.
  3. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    The SOTW Forum was down for more than three hours. We had some intermittent problems on and off recently. In order to remedy the situation we had to resort installing some new SW components on the Linux server. I am very sorry of the inconvenience, cheers, ~Harri
  4. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    Received a problem report: My reply to the posterThis is a tough one. I get single problem reports occasionally, this is a very rare one. vBulletin people admit its existence, but there is no clear-cut fix. It could be dependent on so many factors. I am planning to update to next version of...
  5. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    Title says it all. It has sucked for weeks but today is really exceptional.
  6. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    During next few hours I am going to do some debugging on the forum to understand the performance bottle necks. Do not be alarmed if some convenience features do not work. Also, you may see some extraneous text as a result.