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  1. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I have a Otto link Florida No Usa STM Would like to know more information about this mouthpiece. My teacher said that it's very rare and it was the first time he had seen such a mouthpiece and could be very valuable. Let me know if the price is right considering the rarity it's unique facing and...
  2. Tenor mpc
    My band director recently bestowed upon me a real gem of a piece: a Florida USA STM refaced by Brian Powell from a 5* to a .110 tip opening. I've been using Rico Royal 2.5 and an Oleg Olegature, but I've been craving something a little darker in terms of my reed/lig combo. Any suggestions would...
  3. Tenor mpc
    I recently received a Berg Larsen metal 150/2 SMS mouthpiece and decided to do some recording to compare it with my current main piece, a metal Otto Link Florida no USA 10*. I selected the tunes from the TOTM of April and the Beginners/Intermediates thread and posted the results already in those...
1-3 of 20 Results