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  1. Cases
    Just tried posting but it seems to have disappeared... So here's my situation. There is so much conflicting info on cases, both here and the wider web. So I'm going to ask a bit more specifically, and give the conflicting info I've found. I am looking for a case for a Martin tenor with left...
  2. Cases
    Ok SO. There are a ton of threads here with tons of differing information to dig through regarding cases. Lots of great info, but a lot to sift through. So I'm going to ask for what I specifically need. Looking for a contoured case that I can fly with. Must accommodate a Martin tenor with left...
  3. Cases
    Greetings all. My current bari case is not flyable and I need to put my ancient Buescher bari (Bb, no low A) on a plane this weekend. Can anyone refer me to a flight case they know will fit? 1000 thanks! -Max
  4. Cases
    After 20 years of service my Walt Johnson tenor case finally gave up the ghost having been dropped by an Uber driver in a hurry at Miami International. Thankfully Uber is giving my full replacement value for the case and the horn damage. It seems like the BAM cases get very high marks from SOTW...
1-4 of 6 Results