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  1. Cases
    Greetings all. My current bari case is not flyable and I need to put my ancient Buescher bari (Bb, no low A) on a plane this weekend. Can anyone refer me to a flight case they know will fit? 1000 thanks! -Max
  2. Cases
    Hi everyone, I've got a late '70's Buescher 400 Bari with Low A that I'm looking at getting a flight case for. Unfortunately the sax shop that I frequent doesn't have any cases that will fit my sax. I've only tried the BAM hightech and Selmer flight cases and both have the same problem in that...
  3. Cases
    I've got a ca. 1951-2 "The Martin Tenor" Committee III (serial no. 1786xx) and I need a good contoured/form-fitting case for it. It has a large bell bore, and the low B/Bb keys are on the "wrong" side. Thus the horn is also a bit shorter than modern horns. Looks a lot like this one...
  4. Cases
    i just got a Serie III alto yesterday and it came with a nice but cramped flight case. Any suggestions on reasonably priced replacement cases? (the Selmer Light case is really nice, but overpriced)
1-4 of 4 Results