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  1. Cases
    Hi all, I need a little expert advice from the Hiscox case users on the forum. I recently bought a Hiscox Pro II series alto case for my Selmer 100,000 Series Mark VI (long bow). I've been using a ProTec for years but had a banana bend in the body recently and decided I needed a better case...
  2. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    After reading some of the reviews on the Taishan Bari's I thought I would look into how well Taishans are built. I had an opportunity to pick up a used soprano at a decent price and it arrived today. Pulled it out of it's case and the 'feel' is a little toy-ish......not sure how to really...
  3. Ligatures
    so while looking around the forums i noticed a whole bunch of "review" threads for mouthpieces and seeming as im in the position of needing to buy another ligature myself i thought it could be handy if we had one of these for ligatures aswell the format i thought of is as follows 1. the...
1-3 of 4 Results