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  1. Bb Tenor
    Hello I recently acquired a System 76 tenor and I was curious about the finish. I see other players with the same finish and it is lighter and more gold while mine is brown. Will mine after a few years have this same type of finish or will it just have this same brownish type finish? Thanks! I...
  2. Miscellaneous
    Does anyone recognize this finish? Is this a lacquer that has aged in an unusual way? Or has it been heated or something?
  3. Sax Body and Finish
    I live in a very small studio apartment, and I live in a humid area as well. Between the salty humidity of the coastal air and my breath, my awesome Buescher TH&C is developing a coat of rust a little at a time. I always wipe it down and swab it out. I have tried adding desiccants to the case...
  4. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    After reading some of the reviews on the Taishan Bari's I thought I would look into how well Taishans are built. I had an opportunity to pick up a used soprano at a decent price and it arrived today. Pulled it out of it's case and the 'feel' is a little toy-ish......not sure how to really...
  5. Sax Body and Finish
    Hello all, I have a silver plated (presumably) Steve Goodson tenor saxophone. I originally bought the horn cheap on eBay as a kind of toss around horn for marching band/pep band and situations where I don't want my Custom Z to get in harms way. The finish on the horn is a little cheap and the...
  6. Sax Body and Finish
    Considering getting some engraving done. Does aftermarket engraving create any issues with the finish? The lacquer is obviously compromised. How is it handled so no corrosion issues are created?
  7. Sax Body and Finish
    Hi everyone -- I'm new to the forum and have been reading through the archives -- a bit overwhelmed by all the options. I have a 1932 Selmer Super Sax (Tenor) which I've been playing off-and-on since the 1990s. I love the warm, dark tone and tend to play with a mellow Al Cohn / Zoot Sims sort...
  8. Sax Body and Finish
    Hey guys, I'm currently looking at a MVI, 170XXX, the only thing is that the lacquer was removed and it is now bare brass. I'm wondering if this will create any problems down the road with use. Will the body corrode at all? Has anyone seen anything else happen because of there not being lacquer?
  9. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    I dislike the recent trend of calling a pre-weathered finish "vintage". They should call it "pre-aged" or something -- there's nothing vintage about it. New vintage horns were just as shiny as today's horns. The ones that come from the factory looking old are no more vintage than pre-ripped...
1-9 of 9 Results