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  1. Tips and Techniques
    Hey everyone, I used to have a different name on here, it was my actual name. I made an overtone tutorial a long time ago (4 years ago), and am looking to get back into making tutorial videos on a regular schedule (once or twice a week). I made this circular breathing tutorial, and hopefully it...
  2. Altissimo and Multiphonics
    The saxophone is pretty much now a 3 octave instrument. Altissimo itself is not difficult to achieve but I am having trouble getting those high notes to blend (in a classical sense) and sound like lower notes below the palm keys. The Ibert has some crazy altissimo in it and none of it is...
  3. Altissimo and Multiphonics
    Hi, I've been experimenting with solo sax improvisations using extended techniques to accompany myself. I made a video of one of my tacks It would be really cool to know what people think. Thanks James
1-3 of 3 Results