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  1. Practicing
    I'm doing my transcription exercises like a good student, currently working on Cannonball Adderley's solo on Stars Fell On Alabama. I am computer savvy but incompetent at all music software, so I'm learning them as I go. I'm good to go for looping -- I'm using Audacity on my PC and Music Speed...
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Hi all. Where are people getting their EWIs serviced these days? My 4000s that needs a little work. I tried reaching out to Matt at Patchman a couple times but I haven't heard back. I'm located in New York in case someone knows of a local shop here. Thanks!
  3. Notation Software, MIDI, etc
    I'm looking to expand my sax vocabulary by either getting an EWI or the upcoming Yamaha digital sax. Which Akai EWI model do you like the most, out of the EWI USB, 4000S, 5000, and the Solo? Personally, I love how user-friendly the Solo is, but I think the Patchman Music soundbank for the 4000S...
  4. Misc. Instruments and Voice
    Hey all, just thought I'd let you know that I recently started a YouTube channel aimed to help EWI players take their instrument and playing to another level. I have a few tutorials and a demo up already, and I will be posting a ton more content in the future! Check it out if you're interested...
  5. Electronic Equipment
    Howdy, My son recently bought an Akai EWI and is enjoying this new instrument and its potential for new colors in expression. One particular sound that he is interested in acquiring is any midi sound file that will emulate Pat Metheny's Roland GR300 guitar synthesizer (a sound that is featured...
  6. Electronic Equipment
    Wondering if anyone here is using MainStage with their wind synth and can post a screenshot and advise on configuring your MainStage environment. Of course none of it's layout parts relate to EWIs but I'm thinking someone out there has come up with a good workaround. Not sure where to even...
  7. Electronic Equipment
    Okay so if anyone knows how many threads and posts across the internet that already exist, it's me. I've had a WX7 or WX5 since the early 2000s, and for a few years I had both! That whole time - on and off of course- I've been trying to find the perfect stand. I think I found it: The Kikutani...
  8. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    My EWI has worked fine for a couple of years. Now suddenly when I play any note (in any octave, any patch) fron Eb on down to closed C I get a really bad growling sound. It usually doesn't start until after the first few notes are played, that is to say, I can turn it on and play a few runs...
  9. Classical Saxophone
    I am an amateur wind player who always enjoyed playing classical music for solo wind instrument accompanied by piano. I still play classical music, mostly with my EWI these days, a couple of times a week with pianist friends. I moved to EWI because it's so much easier to play well (good...
  10. Electronic Equipment
    Tomkat Jazz = my new channel featuring jazz standard improv on EWI
  11. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    So lately I've been seeing these and they seem pretty cool. I was wondering which one I should buy. First of all, I've read a few other forums about this but they all delve in to electronic language I don't understand. For example, do I need to plug it in to my computer? Do I need to buy a...
  12. Electronic Equipment
    Hi there, Does anybody know the libraries for Kontakt that can be used with digital wind instruments, such as AKAI EWI or Yamaha WX11? Of course, I tried different libraries, "Kirk Hunter Studios Concert Brass", "Andante Brass", "Embertone trumpet". I found them good enough in quality. But the...
  13. Electronic Equipment
    Hello everyone, here are some videos about a good collection of virtual ancient flutes developed by Suonopuro for the Akai EWI or any kind of wind controller: INDIAN BANSURI SICILIAN REED FLUTE RECORDER Good listening.
  14. Electronic Equipment
    Hi Folks! I never liked the idea of using the EWI as an emulator, for me it was important to find its own identity and dignity. After a long search this is my way of playing the EWI4000s. all comments and thoughts are very welcome! Cheers Fabio
1-14 of 42 Results