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  1. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Hi, I am having my great-grandfather's tenor saxophone restored. It's a Buffet Evette-Schaeffer from 1901. My sax repair person has run into a snag. Apparently, he orders his mylar washers from Kraus, and they are backordered. Would any of you have some mylar washers to...
  2. Evette & Schaeffer Buffet-Crampon, S.A.
    Hi fellow sax-players. Long-time browser, first-time poster here. I've been looking for a used bari for quite some time and one finally came in yesterday to my local music store here in the DC area. I gave it a spin in the store and found it good enough for the price ($1195). Blows easily...
  3. Evette & Schaeffer Buffet-Crampon, S.A.
    I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me the year and rough value please? Evette Schaeffer Alto SN 29500. Thanks!
  4. Buescher
    My friend's husband passed recently and she is looking to sell some of his instruments. She has a Buescher sax, marked "Evette-Schaeffer Paris France" with a serial number 7962. From what I've gathered on a few websites, this sax could have been manufactured somewhere between 1888-1908. I'm...
  5. Cases
    Hi, all, The handle broke on my wooden Selmer coffin case (now that I'm actually playing a lot more), which was too roomy for my sax anyway. I'd be happy to hear any recommendations for cases for my vintage baritone. It's a 1904 low Bflat Buffet Evette-Schaeffer I am interested in this SKB...
  6. Baritone mpc
    I am a weekend bari player trying to find the right mouthpiece. I play in a community Klezmer band and want a sound that projects, can be punchy, holds the bottom, but can also be warm and woody when we play under singers. I play my great-grandfather's 1904 Buffet Evette-Schaeffer, recently...
  7. Evette & Schaeffer Buffet-Crampon, S.A.
    If anyone wants to know the years their saxophones were mad please give me your serial numbers and user names and I can let you know when I get them in order.
1-7 of 22 Results