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  1. Saxophone Solo and Ensembles
    So I'm just about to enter my second year at university as a saxophonist, and during my second year my university will be holding soloists auditions for musicians to perform a concerto the following year. I aim to audition so I'll be playing the concerto in my third year, but upon researching...
  2. Music Venues Around the World
    Hi! I am an amateur (intermediate) tenor and soprano player, planning to be in Miami in January and St Pete's in February, maybe March. I am looking for any and all opportunities near these locations to play. Including: - Jam sessions - Workshops - Student ensembles - Classes etc., etc...
  3. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Hi Everyone JazzSmart is proud to announce the first of its workshops for 2014! We will be seeing the return of Andy Scott from the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) on April 19th/20th. Andy will be running a Saxophone Ensemble course suitable for Classical and Jazz Saxophonists looking...
  4. The Band
    I hope this is not a stupid question, but I was wondering what are some ways that a novice sax player can find to start playing with other people? Open mic nights? I am starting to think about playing with other people but not certain about the right way to go about it.
  5. High School and College
    Hi, My sax ensemble recently performed the National Anthem and we are looking for some criticism and comments. I am playing lead alto in this video. Thanks Justin
  6. Saxophone Solo and Ensembles
    I play in a sax ensemble, we are 3 sopranos, 5 altos, 3 tenor and 2 baritone. I need some pieces (classical, blues and jazz) to play in this ensemble. any suggest?
  7. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Someone has the score of Odwalla by Art Ensemble of Chicago?
  8. Saxophone Solo and Ensembles
    I'm a sophomore in High school, if you are familiar to Texas' solo and ensemble, this is my second year going to State Solo and Ensemble. I'm searching for a challenging solo. I was looking at solos such as "Caprice en Forme de Valse" or Creston's "Sonata". I have already played Eccles'...
  9. Teaching
    Hi folks For those of you that like to play in groups or would like to try it, we have booked our next workshop date. We are going for February 23rd 2011 at the Leicester South Salvation Army hall in South Wigston, Leicester LE18 4UZ UK. The format will be different, in that we will start...
  10. Classical Saxophone
    Hi there, I'm trying to put together a new music ensemble at my college. Can anyone help me with resources to learn about and find music of notable (or less notable) composers who have used saxophone(s) in their music? Thanks much, Steven
  11. Saxophone Solo and Ensembles
    anyone know where i could find some free, sax sextet (6 people) sheet music?
  12. SOTW Member Compositions & Arrangements
    Transition: concerto for alto saxophone and wind band Click here to hear this recording. Download my cd for FREE. Hear about new music: [email protected], Facebook, blog RSS, youtube Performance notes: This Concerto features an extremely difficult saxophone part utilizing the...
  13. Electronic Equipment
    Click here to hear this recording. Download my cd for FREE. Hear about new music: websight, [email protected], Facebook, blog RSS, youtube I recently recorded my saxophone concerto, Transition, and had the problem of a limited budget but still had some random tools. After synthesizing...
1-13 of 13 Results