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  1. Yanagisawa
    Hi there, After 20 years I'm starting to play again. The only sax I have left is a soprano, but I will start with an alto, In order to buy some good gear I need to sell the soprano. It's a Yanagisawa soprano Elimona with two necks. Based on the serial number it's probably from the early 90s...
  2. Yanagisawa
    It confused me for a long time that why there is a "Prima" after the model name. I intent to buy a Yanagisawa soprano from Yahoo Japan, but I found a series named "Prima" , and I studied the history of Yanagisawa from official website but can't find any description of it. Could anybody teach me...
  3. Yanagisawa
    Trying to figure out what Model this Elimona Saxophone is. It's a rare Elimona with a straight fixed neck much like the S901. Can't figure out if it's an 880 or 800 or neither. It's more like an S6 but they weren't engraved with 'Elimona' as far as I know. Also trying to figure out the price...
1-3 of 5 Results