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effects pedals
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  1. Electronic Equipment
    I’ve been exploring using guitar effects pedals with my AE-10, with an eye toward live performance. This is a live recording using one single custom patch: ALL the timbral variations, polyphony, and noise are created by using and combining effects pedals in real time…
  2. YouTube videos
    Howdy, SOTW! It's been a while since we posted a new video, so here's a slow-jam for your steamy August. "Haunt" is definitely the most ambient and vibey track we've recorded, I daresay, and I hope you dig it. This one features the wonderful guitarists Carter...
  3. YouTube videos
    Hey SOTW! I do love pedals, it's no secret, and I finally made a demo of one of my very favorites in existence. I've been using the "Transmisser" reverb pedal by EarthQuaker Devices for many months now, and it's used pretty heavily on the new Progger record. It works wonders with any signal...
1-3 of 3 Results