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  1. Vendor Ads.
    [SOLD] I have the following ASC (Avel Sound Concept) LostWax "EB" tenor mouthpiece brand new, ready to ship and on sale. No waiting time: ASC LostWax "EB" tenor mouthpiece - Tip 7 (.100") - US$85.00 ASC LostWax "EB" tenor mouthpiece - Tip 8 (.110") - US$85.00 ASC LostWax "EB" Tenor...
  2. Tenor mpc
    Hi, I came across this OL Tone Edge which came with a Big B Tenor - I am wondering if this mpc might be an Early Babbitt or a early 80s piece. I am not a good fotographer - i hope the pics show the necessary details. It has the USA stamped in small letters. It also came with an old 3-band...
  3. Tenor mpc
    I'm proud to announce Saxscape is now making a Florida tenor model, a tribute to the great Early Babbitt Florida Otto Links. Just trying to make a piece that stays more within the boundaries of the older traditions of mouthpiece making, and gets that classic Link vibe while still being...
  4. Tenor mpc
    can anyone help with identification about period this two mpcs. are made, EB, current production? 1. 2. thank you
1-4 of 66 Results