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  1. Tenor mpc
    Now this is a Dukoff that has obviously had some work done to it… but for the life of me I have no idea what (apart from someone who’s clearly done a very good reface because it’s one of the most responsive pieces I’ve ever played!) Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely brilliant, and out of all...
  2. Ligatures
    please help identify this ligature. Buying this ligature of Dukoff Hollywood. It's silver plate, or sterling silver? Thx.
  3. Alto mpc
    Hi everyone! I'm currently looking at a Dukoff Super Power Chamber D6 for alto and was curious as to its validity as a legit piece and not a fake. I noticed this stamping error that I'm hoping will clue me in as to whether it's the real deal or not!
  4. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Hi everybody My name is Felix and I'm new to the forum. (And I am living in Switzerland, in case that matters.) Ok, so I have two offers of very interesting tenor mouthpieces of which I can only afford one. Also, I cannot testplay the mpcs because their located in France... I know, that's not...
  5. Tenor mpc
    testing Dukoff Fluted Chamber
  6. Tenor mpc
    Which would be a good Dukoff Hollywood type mouthpiece? Hi, I am looking for a metal mpc in Dexter Gordon sound direction. Any recommendation? Thanks!
  7. Tenor mpc
    I'm an intermediate player. Mostly Gospel, Blues and Jazz on a Conn 110M DJH Modified tenor sax. I use a Rico 2.5 reeds, sometimes a 3. A friend is letting me try out a couple mouthpieces to buy. I have been playing a Yamaha 5C for a long time and am a little frustrated with it. By comparison...
  8. Tenor mpc
    This one came along my way with its original cap and lig, and since it is a 6* which I prefer to a 4 or 5 that was opened I bought it in spite of the fact that the black bite plate is unfamliar to me. I think it is a first series one-piece Dukoff Hollywood with a serial on the side. Did Dukoff...
  9. Tenor mpc
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at buying a metal mouthpiece for my tenor. I play a P. Mauriat 66RX Unlacquered. I am a little inexperienced in the field of metal mouthpieces as I'm coming from just a student hard rubber mouthpiece - I've been wanting to change for ages but never got around to it!! I...
  10. Eb Alto
    Hello reader! I currently play on a Jody Jazz HR 6M alto piece and I feel that it is too dark for me. Unfortunately, the piece does not produce the sound I am searching for. I am aiming toward a David Sanborn tone; bright, raspy, and "edgy," and I've found two mouthpieces that seem to fit the...
  11. Tenor mpc
    Hi, folks I'd like to order a Rico H ligature for my tenor Dukoff mouthpiece. But, I have no idea which size to order. I found this archived thread discussing similar, though it was not clear to me that the issue was resolved: Does...
1-11 of 82 Results