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  1. Acoustics
    Does anyone else have a sort of warble to their hearing after practicing tuning different intervals to a drone? For a little while after a session of this, I hear things in my environment as if through an oscillating fan. It's strange enough to make me wonder what causes it. Any ideas?
  2. Practicing
    I have mentioned in many posts that I think it's best to practice with a drone for intonation, and maybe long tone exercises. Instead of looking at the tuner, or mindlessly holding every note in the chromatic scale for 15 seconds. Not that those aren't valuable, but I think they are misleading...
  3. Practicing
    Vol.2 of the Drum and Bass, Roots and Rhythm "play along" CD which we designed for both practicing and teaching is finally finished. Vol. 1 has been well recieved and we thought a new one in 7/4 would be a nice addition. I've been using Drones and Pedals along with a metronome for years but...
1-3 of 4 Results