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  1. YouTube videos
    Hello SOTW community! Episode 4 of the new mini documentary surrounding my upcoming album release Skyward Eye is up for your viewing pleasure. This episode focuses on the production side of the album, and features producer and engineer (and top filmmaker) Alex Chaloff discussing what inspired...
  2. Brand Name Players ... I have to say, it is phenomenal! Chris's CD recording's do not do him justice That man is amazing This documentary was so worth the 2-3 year wait, and its free! Though I would've gladly paid to buy it
  3. Recordings, Movies
    Hey all. A friend of mine recently got his hands on this recording of this fairly recent BBC documentary. Sadly I learned google video is no longer accepts uploads, so here it is. Hope someone can find a better place to stream it, or break it up and post on youtube to share and educate others...
1-3 of 3 Results