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  1. Electronic Equipment
    Hiyai have a shure beta98h clip on mic, it comes wireless. I got a pedal and a speaker and wanted to try and make my set up so I can control the sound on stage and so thought it would be easier to get a line off my mic instead of wireless (also want to use clip on in a busking set up without...
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Hello, this is my first post, I'm from Chile, groove-soul-jazzy saxophone player. I'm using a Sennheiser evolution wireless g3, ew 100 system with a Sennheiser 908b mic. It works perfectly. I'm having some really serious noise issues using the system with my Whammy pedal. By the way, it's the...
  3. Manufacturing/ Construction
    Hi all. I've decided to get a vocal harmony and effects pedal but I want to be able to trick the machine into thinking that my sax is actually an electric guitar! The pedal that I'm getting is the TC Helicon Voice Live 3. It works on three levels, one is the vocal level that gives you wonderful...
1-3 of 3 Results