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  1. SOTW Member Compositions & Arrangements
    Playing/writing and desktop recording are my hobbies. I originally wrote this as a short chamber piece for alto and marimba, but decided to do an arrangement using my DAW (Propellerhead Reason) with synthesizers and a percussion engine (PercX). I play alto- recorded and mixed/mastered at home...
  2. SOTW Member Compositions & Arrangements
    Music is my hobby and writing music/desktop recording is part of what I enjoy. I play alto as well as flute/alto flute on this. All feedback welcome- melody/harmony, how my horns sound, sound choices, mixing- any thoughts- I'm trying to improve at all of it! Understand Now?
  3. Electronic Equipment
    Wondering if anyone here is using MainStage with their wind synth and can post a screenshot and advise on configuring your MainStage environment. Of course none of it's layout parts relate to EWIs but I'm thinking someone out there has come up with a good workaround. Not sure where to even...
  4. Electronic Equipment
    I was seeing a little more latency than I wanted in Audacity running under Ubuntu 12.04 Linux on my HP2140 when I had a lot of tracks playing, so I installed AV Linux instead. Haven't had a chance to see if it solved the latency problem (although I wouldn't be surprised, as it claims to be...
1-4 of 5 Results