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  1. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hi again, here's another recording I just put up. It's from a gig a couple years back in NYC, I hope you enjoy it!
  2. The Band
    Hey everyone, My quartet (Dave Pollack Quartet) is performing tonight, September 5, from 8-12 at Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia, PA. Address is: 1421 Sansom St. Philadelphia, PA 19102 We'll be playing originals and standards, and it should be a really fun night. It'd be great to meet some of...
  3. Tips and Techniques
    I am making an application tape for Dave Liebman's saxophone master class and need some tips on, like I said in the title, impressing Dave Liebman. I will be playing Donna Lee by Charlie Parker, Skylark by Hoagy Carmichael and Vicissitudes by Chris Potter. Thanks in advance!
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi There, Does anyone have, or know where I can get a copy of Dave Heath's "On Fire" for alto sax? I've looked everywhere on the internet but with no joy. There are only copies of it for cello or violin. Their must have once been sheet music for it, because: 1) Simon Haram recorded it on...
1-4 of 4 Results