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  1. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    There were intermittent problems in accessing the forum. They manifested themselves as database problem but now it looks like the ISP still has some network problems. Your access may be limited depending on your routing (and you are not able to read this anyway.) :twisted:
  2. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    Some 16 hours ago the SOTW Forum went down caused by database problems. The forum data was restored and damaged tables repaired. Shortly after that the same happened again. That conviced us and the service provider that there was a hardware problem. As result all RAM chips in database server...
  3. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    About 24 hors ago there was severe corruption of the forum database totally halted the operation. In fixing it an important part of data was lost. After a lot of hassle and urge to get the forum running again, I decided to restore the database from back-up which was unfortunately ten days old...
  4. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    Title says it all. It has sucked for weeks but today is really exceptional.
1-4 of 5 Results