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  1. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi, in this vlog I showed how I transcribed a Charlie Rouse's idea and then how I transposed it in all Keys.. This vlog is a bit longer than the previous ones because this is me practicing, without (almost) any cut in the montage. So you can find mistakes because practicing includes making...
  2. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Can a Vlog be a stimulus to practice more? Can we get better as musicians if we listen to ourselves and to the way we practice constantly? Can the web be a way to get in touch with other musicians to share our experience with? For all these reasons I started my vlog about saxophone and jazz...
  3. Tenor mpc
    Hi everybody, as a Theo Wanne endorser, I had the privilege of trying the new slant sig 8 for tenor! Let me know your thoughts and have a happy new year!
  4. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hi, this is a new video of my coposition "night journey", a bossa groove based in 5/4 played live with my quintet. This track is contained in my new cd "Mr. Jobhopper" out now for alfa music. Hope you enjoy! Bye, Fabrizio
  5. YouTube videos
    Hi, this is a video from a concert I did last thursday at Alexanderplatz Jazz Club. The tune is from my cd "Mr. Jobhopper" ,entitled "second one" Hope you like it.
1-5 of 5 Results