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curved soprano

  1. Bb Soprano
    I just bought a pre-owned Yanagisawa SC991 curved soprano in excellent condition but a peculiarity has me a bit baffled: The right hand pinky D# spatula key makes contact with the top of the D cup when depressed without first playing the D. I realize this isn't done normally, except for perhaps...
  2. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hi all, I've just joined to please get some advice. I'm a brass player but have a daughter who has started learning soprano sax. She has a number of learning disabilities and has never shown this much enthusiasm for anything before. She's already doing quite well, but we're using a pretty poor...
  3. Sax & Music Stands
    I tried out this stand for a vintage Buescher curved soprano, but I found that it did not hold the sax well. If you have tried this stand, what have your experiences been?
  4. Cases
    I reviewed previous posts on this topic, and found them inconclusive. So I'll state conclusively that the Reunion Blues RB Continental curved soprano gig bag accommodates my Conn fixed-neck curved soprano quite nicely. That's the good news. The bad news is that I think they are on their way...
  5. Cases
    ... or is this case only for modern curved sopranos with removable necks? Thanks, Sax Magic
  6. Bb Soprano
    For several years, I have played a modern soprano sax within (mostly) brass ensembles. In one of these (a community concert band), I have been one of two soprano sax's within the trumpet section, playing 95% trumpet or cornet music (with the occasional soprano part). For about a decade I had a...
  7. Noblet
    I've had this for a while and haven't shared. It's a throaty little thing.
  8. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hope you dig it! Thanks! Danny
  9. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    I hope you like it! Please respond with your thoughts and feelings :)
  10. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hey everyone I'm new here, and registered after reading a bunch of the forum posts and discussions here! Anyways, I have a few questions that could use some clarification! I'm currently in High School Band, Jazz Band, and Marching Band. In all three of these, I play Alto Saxophone - When I'm...
  11. Bb Soprano
    I have recently bought a curved soprano saxophone and I am looking for a gig bag. I am interested in something like the Protec Soprano Sax Pro Pac Case; that is, with a pocket to carry my music notebook and some accessories (and not too big, by the way). Of course, the Protec is a possibility...
  12. Yanagisawa
    Hi everyone I had some interesting performances at Ely Cathedral, (nr Cambridge, England) earlier this year and I was fortunate to get my hands on the Yanagisawa 992 curved soprano. The first 'gig' was playing Jan Garbarek inspired obligato lines with the cathedral choir, (the sound clips...
  13. YouTube videos
    A rare footage of Jan Garbarek playing bass sax from 28:10 to 29:03. The whole film is excellent, first with Terje Rypdal trio and later with Jan Garbarek trio playing tenor, his Santoni Pare curved soprano and bass sax.
  14. Rock 'n Roll Saxophone
    Hi! My Name is Danny and I play in the band Marbin. I would really like to get some feedback on these videos from other saxophonists. Thanks!
  15. SOTW Member YouTube videos
    Hi! I thought you guys might be interested in this saxophone company Dr. Sax. from Israel. Thanks!
  16. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hello there, Anyone knows about Oxford Curved Soprano saxophones? Are they another Chinese manufactured saxes? After going through a hassle for returning the Venus (too much intonation problems in their recently marketed items) I hesitate to deal with that kind of stuff. Thanks.
  17. Bb Soprano
    I'm trying to buy a "cheap" chinese curved soprano. I guess under £250 GBP / $400 is considered cheap, and that's about what I have to spend. I'm not too fussy, I just want something solid and reasonably durable. I've read some good things about the Venus sopranos, and even the dearest one...
  18. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hi there, I saw an ad for a Schiller curved soprano. The description is pretty good. Anyone knows about this brand and their workmanship? Thanks.
  19. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hi there, I bought a Wurlitzer curved soprano saxophone few months ago. I did an enquiry to find out more about the sax in SOTW and found out through SOTW feedback that it is a 1920's Buescher. It has a nice sound and plays fine. Although I had easier time playing some newer designs either to do...
  20. Pierret
    Hi, I know there's scant information about Pierrets in the web, so that's why I am posting this. I just bought from another SOTWer, KMR, his curved silver plated curved soprano. There are no markings on it indicating Competition or Super Artiste, so I am assuming it to be in the series from...