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  1. General History
    I bought a used alto saxophone with brands name is SHOCK . And I see a problem from inside look at the photo. Is this dangerous for my saxophone, Is rust ? pls help me . Olso I can't find the brand SHOCK on the web . Pls if you know the brant sent me brands site
  2. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    My old Zephyr has many spots of greenish corrosion (oxidation? not sure) on the body. How do I remove it without damage? How do I keep it from returning or spreading? Thanks.
  3. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    I know the whole idea to buy a unlaquered sax is the cool patina look that it eventually gets but the greenish blotches arent' the part I like to keep. So i tried a little Brasso with paper towel and rubbed out some of the main areas on the bell just to see how it would clean. Posting a few pics...
  4. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Greetings, I have a beautiful silver plated mid-20's vintage Buescher True-Tone that belonged to my grandfather that I finally have gotten around to restoring. The silver plating is in good enough shape that I want to preserve it. However, at some point in its history (probably in the 50's...
1-4 of 5 Results