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  1. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    On my 1927 Conn New Wonder II bari, the C# pinky key sits almost 1/4' (0.227") higher than the B and B-flat keys, making it very dificult to move around (B-flat to C# is particularly nasty). The B key is one solid run from the pad cup to the key, so once the pad height is regulated for tuning...
  2. Eb Baritone
    Dimensions of my neck cork and my metal Link O.D. Cork - 11/16 I.D. Link - 11/16 O.D. Link - 25/32 (3/4 + 1/32) Found on $ 1.15 Nylon 101 Hollow Bushing Stock 3/4" Nominal OD X 11/16" Nominal ID 12" Length $ 8.03 Polycarbonate Tubing, 3/4" ID x 1" OD x 1/8" Wall...
  3. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    I've been playing soprano and tenor for many years and have a strong individual tone on both. Soprano - sweet, masculine, in tune - Damn it Jim, it's a saxophone, NOT a clarinet, oboe, recoder, kazoo, etc. Wouldn't change a thing. Tenor - NOT sweet. Big Texas Tenor. Dark, raspy, growls on it's...
  4. Conn
    Just back from the shop and now I am struggling to find a working mouthpiece setup. Looks like I will need to make an mouthpiece extender. A few quick pictures A look at the top which had been knocked in 1/4 inch
1-4 of 5 Results