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  1. Conn
    Hi all, I'm interested in potentially buying a 1953 Conn Ladyface tenor... I received some photo's from the seller, and was wondering if someone could help me identify the lacquer wear on this sax. I'm very inexperienced when it comes to older saxes, and my main concern is the brown spots and...
  2. Conn
    Hey all, This is a followup to a post on my 1957(?) Conn 10m. I have finished overhauling her and the horn plays great with the ebay neck. I did fit the neck by sanding the inside of it with 400, 600, and 1200 grit sandpaper to make sure that it would not mess up my tenon in any way. Tuning is...
  3. Conn
    Hey all! I recently acquired a Conn 10m and I planned on just doing an overhaul on it as I'm a mildly experienced hobbyist repair man. Well, I bought the tenor with the knowledge that it was taken from Conn Elkhart when the factory closed. It arrived in bare brass with no insignia or serial and...
  4. Conn
    I recently acquired a late Conn 10m tenor with no neck. While I would love to find a clean double socket neck, realistically that probably won't happen. The horn is bare-brass and I would rather not have to strip nickel off of the octave mechanism to get it to match. How hard would it be to take...
  5. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hi all - the second of the new year jazz offerings :) One of my favourite standards, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, on my 10M and piano. Happy New Year :) Tim
  6. Conn
    I just purchased a Conn 10m tenor sax which plays fantastic. The serial number is 979xxx which does not show up in any charts. The body is like a lady face but it has the under slung octave and the artist not lady on the bell. Notice the wire guards, bell brace, small pearls including thumb...
  7. SOTW Member YouTube videos
    Hi all - Another socially distanced (well, 50+ miles actually) recording with the wonderful Irene Serra - this time something seasonal. For those interested, I record a basic piano track which Irene then sings with, before I then record the proper piano track in response to how she's delivered...
  8. YouTube videos
    Hi friends, A little 20 second YouTube teaser for my pre-recorded gig for Cambridge Jazz Festival - streamed tomorrow at 8pm UK time, FREE to view. Tasty 10M as usual :) The gig is 'plays Gordon at Girton' - a set of some of Dexter's classics. Details here: Tim Boniface plays Gordon at...
  9. Tenor mpc
    Hello Everyone! I just want to start off saying that this is is my first posting. After purchasing a vintage conn Tenor and going down the rabbit hole of learning about what it is, I discovered that it is a Naked Lady Transitional from 1934. Now After dragging this thing around with me for a...
  10. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Close You Eyes (by Bernice Petkere) Conn 10M (Lady Face 1936)
  11. YouTube videos
    Hi all, Here's my 10th and final Lockdown Ballad, the lovely 'That's All'. This one's recorded on Conn 10M and Conn 6M saxes (both with florida STMs) plus a shiny very un-vintage flugelhorn + keyboard! Thanks for all the encouragements along the way. Do hope you like this. A more bona-fide...
  12. YouTube videos
    Nearing the finish line then... here's #8 of the 10 I said I'd do. As usual, 1944 10M (rth) w Florida USA Otto Link STM (silver plated - long story!) A bit more time spent in the upper register here. Might have considered re-doing for tuning but oh well :) All the best to all, Tim
  13. YouTube videos
    Mildly anxious at flooding this forum section... but the responses so far have been lovely and encouraging; so here's the next 'Lockdown Ballad' (man, I miss playing with others so much!) Enjoy, I hope. Setup: Conn 10M, Otto Link Florida USA Super Tone Master 9, Jazz Select 2H reed. Cheers, Tim
  14. YouTube videos
    Hi all - this week's 'lockdown ballad'. Difficult to chose whether to do this on alto (6M) or tenor but this one did the business I think. I tried it on a transitional as well - a horn that I usually prefer live to the 10M, but the 10M records so well. Mpc is a Link Florida USA STM 9*. Enjoy. Tim
  15. Conn
    Good day I have a question to people who had a chance to compare two Conn 10m tenors How do you like the toaster rack edition from 1934-35 (has no 10m stamp above) vs regular prewar 10m? I had a chance to compare them and found that the ones with regular keyguard weigh less while the toaster...
  16. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Selmer SA II - Conn Transitional - Conn 10 M
  17. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Bewitched by Richard Rogers (testing Conn 10m)
1-17 of 48 Results