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conn 10m tenor
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    Close You Eyes (by Bernice Petkere) Conn 10M (Lady Face 1936)
  2. Conn
    First STH Conn 10M ? Ignore me. OK, so I found a better thread about this: Can't find a way to delete my post though...sorry.
  3. Conn
    Hey for those who are looking for a great horn under $1K look out for one of these. I just grabbed a 10M with an 873XXX serial range. This is one of the last 10M's with the wire key guards, the "Naked Lady" engraving with the original wire bell brace and also before the under slung neck was...
  4. Conn
    This is 1959 CONN 10M Satin Silver finish with nickel plated keys and double-socket neck. Has Gator case with it. Serial# 634XXX Can anyone give me a rough ballpark on what I could get for this horn? I've no idea of it's value... I'm not selling it because it plays so well I just want to...
1-4 of 6 Results