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  1. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Has anyone bought this RealBook Software Program DVD sold online for $127? If so how good is it? Does it work like they show in the video?
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Hi, I have connected my pc to the QSC K10 to play backing tracks, I connected using the headphone out mini jack at the rear of the PC, to the RCA connectors on the QSC speaker, the tracks play fine, but when I stop the music there is a buzz or hum from the speaker, this does not happen if I play...
  3. Electronic Equipment
    Hey so I just got an EWI4000s a couple weeks ago and I was wondering what the best method for connecting my EWI to the computer so I can record it. Are there any cables that are known to work well? If someone could please let me know it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  4. Electronic Equipment
    At home, in my office, I have my computer connected to a stereo receiver with two speakers hooked up. The computer is connected to the receiver from the sound card via a cable that has 1/8" stereo jack on one end and two (left and right) RCA jacks at the other end. Recently, because of a...
  5. Electronic Equipment
    my laptop kicked the bucket again. i'm looking in to buying a toshiba tough book beauces of my compulsive clumsiness. I intend to use my new laptop for recording practiceing and evaluating myslef, trascription, BIAB, and playalongs. i read another forum post where someone said that inorder to...
1-5 of 5 Results