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  1. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Dear SOTW people hello! It's been a long time, since i ve posted on SOTW community! I would like to send you my warmest regards and my best wishes, for this summer! Below i would like to share with you, an excerpt from our student concert, in Athens. Here i play with my jazz combo, a sax solo...
  2. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi everyone! I'm looking for combo charts for a middle school combo of a tenor sax, bone, and set. Anyone have any suggestions? We can all adlib great and everyone in the combo are all fantastic musicians. Thanks!
  3. The Band
    Hey guys! So I am a combo leader at my high school jazz combo. We play pretty well together as we have everything worked out. Our soloing is pretty good and the rhythm section is pretty locked in. I was wondering what can I do to really improve my combo. I understand that it is kind of hard for...
  4. SOTW Member Compositions & Arrangements
    Hi, all This week's Free Chart Friday features PDF lead sheets for the rollicking Calypso Facto. Listen below, and if you'd like to take the tune for a spin, you can download the lead sheets & mp3 right here: Have fun! ~ Rick
  5. New Product & Dealer Announcements
    Hi, friends It's time guessed it...Free Chart Friday (bebop fanfare, please). This week: Who doesn't like swing? With the right rhythm section, it just feels good. But, who doesn't tire of listening to the straight 4/4 all night long? OK - I may not be speaking for...
  6. New Product & Dealer Announcements
    Hi, friends This week's free downloads features a newer tune called Last Dance. I have no idea if it's a power ballad. What do you think? As always, you can grab the lead sheets (transposed) and mp3 at Enjoy! ~Rick
  7. New Product & Dealer Announcements
    Hi, folks Just a quick note to let you know that this week's Free Chart Friday features a swinging, make-you-smile jazz waltz called "Aspire." It has been recorded a bunch of different times. Here are sextet and big band versions. And, as always, if you want to try the tune, you can download...
  8. YouTube videos
    Just got footage clipped from a fundraising event where I frantically was finding people to cover spots. Anyone have any comments on myself, the tenor player, or my friend Jason on alto?
  9. Cases
    Hey guys, I have the Protec Alto and Soprano Combo Case. It has wheels and a telescoping handle. I love the case. It's convenient, pretty light, and perfect for transporting those instruments since I use both all the time. Lately, I've been wanting to remove all the hardware (wheels and...
  10. Cases
    I have never used a case other than the one that came with an instrument from the manufacturer. Is it safe to use cases from 3rd party manufacturers? I'm just not sure about how they would work since saxophones have keys in different places and different shapes such as the palm keys etc. I...
  11. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Do you know free sources of combo (trumpet, alto, tenor and trombone) arrangements ? Thanks
  12. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hey , I'm just a kid who plays saxophone. I've got a lil jazz combo going and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get some nice combo charts for free. One in particular that i've been looking for is Mo' Better Blues. Please help me if you can.