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  1. Alto mpc
    All, I've just discovered the Claude Lakey line of jazz mouthpieces, and I'm wondering about them for a brighter jazz tone. I haven't seen much about them on the forums, but one or two people have said that they are incredibly bright. I play on a P. Mauriat PMXA-67r alto, and it has a nice warm...
  2. YouTube videos
    Hey there!!! I'm new here!! I love this site! I would love to share my music with all of you! I'm doing sax covers every week!!! Hope you all enjoy it!!! Feel free to subscribe! Thanks sincerely!!
  3. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I am interested to know what players both pro's or not are playing Lakey's out there? I was just introduced to them here in Seattle, both the Hard Rubber and Metals and I am really enjoying it so far. Great projection and control. I am curious to know of others playing them out there? I think...
1-3 of 3 Results