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  1. Classical Saxophone
    I'm planning on performing Debussy's "Rhapsodie" for alto saxophone in the Spring. I've been working off of a copy that my professor had lying around, but it's time to seriously buckle down, which means it's time to purchase an original copy. I have a few issues with the copy I'm using (it's...
  2. Classical Saxophone
    I'm a jazz saxophonist who is decent at the classical side but have a limited knowledge of the rep. I am looking for "classical" saxophone pieces that incorporate jazz or pop styles. I'm mostly interested in pieces composed after 1970 and are somewhat in the mainstream repertoire. I know of a...
  3. Classical Saxophone
    Hey everyone, I am a sophomore college sax major and I am planning a recital for the fall semester and I was just wondering what some people's suggestions for standard rep are. I have played the richard lane suite, creston sonata, lunde sonata, and glazunov concerto. I am currently starting on...
1-3 of 3 Results