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  1. Barone
    Hey SOTW, thought I'd take an opportunity to make my first post by reviewing my new Barone classic tenor. This is just an initial impressions review, I'll probably post another one after taking it to a few shows and seeing what it's worth as a professional horn. Aesthetic: 7/10 I opted for the...
  2. General Discussion
    I was wondering what are the Key differences between the keywork on a modern saxophone and the keywork of say a 30's or 40's era saxophone? What is different physically or in action? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of modern keywork, and of classic keywork?
  3. Reeds
    On my alto I currently play on a v12 3. I'm thinking about buying a different kind of reed for a better sound. I'm playing improvisation et caprice for my solo and ensemble and I was looking for a reed and will let the low notes out easily and the high notes to not be piercing. I know, a lot to...
  4. Barone
    Here are some vids with me playing the new Classic Barone Tenor Bare Brass. Stock NY MP that came with the Sax. First two vids are with the Barone Sax and the third is with my old KW New King 1956. Forth vid is in the green room warming up and having a little singalong... Enjoy....I did...
1-4 of 12 Results