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  1. Clarinet Mouthpieces
    Does anyone have experience with his restorations? Curious how they came out. I have a couple of old 'classic' clarinet mouthpieces that have great tone, but facings that someone has screwed up gently at some point. ON THIS PAGE on the left near the bottom
  2. Clarinet Mouthpieces
    So as I said yesterday my mom was very nice to me as usual and bought a Clarinet for me at an estate sale while the band was riding buses to a football game- a 1936 Conn 444N, I already made a topic on that. But it also came with a Wm. Lewerenz, St. Louis Clarinet mouthpiece, made of marbled red...
  3. Clarinet Mouthpieces
    Hi guys! please introduce me some good clarinet mouthpieces for classical playing. and maybe some for Jazz as well! thank you!
  4. Clarinet
    I've read good reviews of both Wells and Stowell-Wells-Schneider clarinet mouthpieces, and I play on an SWS B3. I happened to come across an eBay listing (not mine) that I thought added some interesting perspective to comparisons among the different possibilities. Ebay link...
1-4 of 13 Results