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  1. Clarinet
    I have a CG Conn 444N clarinet. It is in excellent condition, except the barrel has 2 cracks. The length is 64 mm. I have not been able to locate an exact replacement. Are barrels interchangeable with other manufacturers? Or, is it a case of trying and hoping to find a fit? Robert
  2. Clarinet
    Hi all I want to buy a shorter barrel (65mm) for intonation, and I can not decide if I should just buy a shorter stock Buffet barrel or take this opportunity to buy a barrel that could help improve intonation of the clarinet and improve my tone (I can use all the help I can get :)) I am a...
  3. Clarinet
    Hi Everyone, This new line of Clarinet Barrels came out about 4 months ago, and we have gotten a great response from our customers. I wanted to start this thread so that I could answer your questions. Here is a link to the Drake Ceramic Barrels. I have been working with some great...
1-3 of 5 Results