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chromatic scale
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  1. General Discussion
    Also, how do you play the low notes the instant you tounge it? when I get to the C#, C, B, Bb towards the start, end of the scale or getting back down, It is really hard to play and imperfects the scale. Mainly sliding from Bb to B or B to Bb destroys my chances for hope. It feels like some lag...
  2. Training Material
    Just uploaded a new FREE video on how to play the chromatic scale on my YT channel. In this video saxophone lesson I show step by step how to play the chromatic scale on the saxophone. Which means playing a scale (moving in half steps) from the lowest to the highest note on the saxophone...
  3. General Discussion
    I play on a Cannonball tenor saxophone. I have very small hands and have trouble reaching the low Bb, especially when coming down a chromatic scale. I always seem to hit the palm keys when I reach down for the Bb. Is there a way of avoiding that? Thank you.
  4. Training Material
    This can be handy for the beginners who are starting to get to know the instrument. ".....excerpt from Hello Saxophone that might help with this...." It’s very useful at this point to start to develop a good mental picture of the saxophone in your head. When you look at the saxophone you...
1-4 of 4 Results