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  1. Tenor mpc
    Hello, Hopefully somebody can help me. I'm searching for a CE Winds tenor mouthpiece, the replica they made of the Otto Link Slant Signature. I played one from a friend of me, and I love it. Who has one and wants to sell it to me? Or knows one for sale? Thanks, Yvonne
  2. CE Winds
    I just received the latest offerings in saxes from CE Winds, Alpha alto and tenor. First, I want to say that Brian and Mark are great to deal with. Super-fast shipping and well packaged. Opening the cases, which are nice and roomy, the horns look good but the real test is in the playing. I...
  3. Who We Are & "Get Togethers"
    CE Winds presents City Sax Tour - Philadelphia, PA Area (South New Jersey) at the New Jersey Conservatory of Musical Arts in Audubon, NJ, along with our hosts CE Winds Featured Artist and Grammy Award winner Carl Cox & the Director of the New Jersey Conservatory of Musical Arts, Anthony...
  4. Who We Are & "Get Togethers"
    Join us on Monday, March 24th at PM Woodwind Repair for the first stop of the CE Winds City Tour! Come try out our Tribute Series Handmade Saxophone Mouthpieces! We will have demonstrations, mouthpiece specials, and giveaways. Also meet our special guest John Michalak and the CE Winds Team...
1-4 of 38 Results