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  1. Clarinet
    New case for bass, soprano clarinet mouthpieces and barrels. The egg carton foam holds mouthpieces in place and blocks any movement when the case is closed. This case fits 10 bass mouthpieces or 15 soprano clarinet mouthpieces. Of course, you can mix them. The box frame is in Mahogany...
  2. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this Q&A, so here I am. About a week ago I bought a sax from Nashville New & Used Music(great prices, selection, and good servicing btw). It came in yesterday, and everything is great, but the case is sticky. I've tried washing it with water, soap, and...
  3. Cases
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a new gig bag for my saxophone to take to college, as I will be majoring in music and need a sturdy and reliable case. My alto is a Yamaha Allegro and I was wondering if it will be compatible with Jakob Winter cases (specifically this one...
  4. Cases
    I have a 1920's Buescher Tru Tone Curved Soprano with a fixed neck that I am in need of a case for. It is currently in a soft alto gig bag that I have padded out (not ideal, but it doesn't go far currently) however later this year I have some tours where I will need to bring it on the road with...
  5. Cases
    Greetings all. My current bari case is not flyable and I need to put my ancient Buescher bari (Bb, no low A) on a plane this weekend. Can anyone refer me to a flight case they know will fit? 1000 thanks! -Max
  6. Cases
    hello everybody :D I follow your site and find it very useful, and now i have a little question for you: I have a selmer III tenor saxophone and i'm looking for a shaped case where i can put my parts and books, that usually are in A4 size, waiting for some suggestion, thank you :D
  7. Cases
    Hi all, I need a little expert advice from the Hiscox case users on the forum. I recently bought a Hiscox Pro II series alto case for my Selmer 100,000 Series Mark VI (long bow). I've been using a ProTec for years but had a banana bend in the body recently and decided I needed a better case...
  8. Cases
    Hi Folks, I have an old Selmer Balanced action (1938) and l want to buy a new case for it. I've been looking at BAM cabine cases and l believe they use a MKVI as the mould. A couple of questions: Will my BA fit in this case? What cases do you fellow BA owners use? Thanks in advance Tom
  9. Cases
    Hi all - Ive seen a few posts similar to this regarding the bam cases but would truly appreciate any help I can get. In Toronto at Long and Mcquade the only contoured cases available for tenor are Protecs, Bams, and Skbs. I am currently looking to buy a case that will have a few attributes: 1...
  10. Cases
    After 20 years of service my Walt Johnson tenor case finally gave up the ghost having been dropped by an Uber driver in a hurry at Miami International. Thankfully Uber is giving my full replacement value for the case and the horn damage. It seems like the BAM cases get very high marks from SOTW...
  11. Cases
    I have a vintage tenor that has its original case. However, the case is severely lacking in padding and the horn rattles around a bit in the case. I would really like to get the interior of the case redone, possibly with a vaccu-form mold or something like that. Does anyone know of a place...
  12. Cases
    Any suggestions on a nice case for a Buescher Aristocrat Series I (275xxx), which has left side tone holes on the bell. I have the original case, but both the horn and case are in great condition so I don't want to risk damaging either. Basically, I would like to find something that fits like a...
  13. Cases
    please. i need case for tenor custom 875 NOT EX. old model But Send to o'fallon -missouri somebody have? tks man. bb
  14. Cases
    I know this is kind of an odd question.... I loaned a friend my spare sax, and the case was an older Pro-Tec Contour Tenor one. When he returned it, a year & a half later, I noticed only one zipper clasp on it, and now can't remember if it was that way to begin with, or if perhaps it may have...
  15. Yamaha
    82Z Tenor owners, what case do you recommend for daily use? Although the original case is good quality, it's a bit unwieldy for me for transport along with other music gear. I like the popular Protec backpackable case for its pockets for stand, pocket for music, light weight, and backpackable...
  16. Cases
    Hello, Somebody using the BAGS ALLFIBER cases on Tenor or Alto Sax?... They are manufactured in Spain if I am not wrong... What is your opinion about this cases?... Best Regars and thanks, VladPSax
21-36 of 121 Results