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  1. New Product & Dealer Announcements
    I thought I'd post some of my recent work here for you guys to see, with more at and . I make custom End Plugs out of all kinds of materials and custom fit to horn and case. Some of my favorite orders have been for Chris Potter (Tigerwood), Ed Calle (Tigerwood...
  2. Misc. Accessories
    What alto mouthpiece came with this vintage cap?
  3. Evaluations/Member Transactions/ United States
    This website is offering free theo wanne reed replacer caps! Shipping is free and no credit card info is required. I think that this is very strange but have decided to place an order just to see if they really are legit. I will let you guys know if it's for real...
  4. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I have yet to find a way to CAP my Theo Wanne Gaia (tenor) with the reed on. Does anyone know of a cap that fits properly? I have seen some machined hacks -- but am looking to avoid that. Help???