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  1. Reeds
    seems to be a reoccurring thought in my head these days... does anyone have experience here making sax reeds by hand? would love to give it a go. i know clarinet, english horn, and oboe nuts make them often... but what about us saxes?
  2. Reeds
    Hello reader, I've heard great things about Rico Plasticover reeds but I haven't had the chance to purchase a box. If anyone has any experience with Plasticovers, feel free to state your opinion on them and if possible, can you describe the way they differ from standard cane reeds? Thanks for...
  3. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hi everybody, so my dad has wished for a Top Hat and Cane tenor for his birthday, and he wants one in immaculate condition, and I, being the stellar son I am and having just sold a Mark VI alto, plan to get one for him. What are some prices that I should expect to pay for such a horn? He played...
  4. Reeds
    Dear colleagues: My saxophone and clarinet instructor tells me that the reason so many reeds perform poorly is that the quality of reed cane has deteriorated over the years due to over- harvesting - the demand is simply higher than the supply. I can't find anything to substantiate his...