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  1. Buescher
    I have been playing on my 200xxx true tone alto for almost two years now, but I am still having issues with my hand placements. More specifically, my fingers tend to flatten out to play i.e. they lock in an extended position and only the knuckle closest to the palm bends. My sax teacher told me...
  2. Buescher
    Hello! has anyone come across any of these necks, and if so, have you seen them in anything other than a 1? I love the neck of my TT but I'd be curious to find one of the other necks available for TTs if they're still floating around somewhere. Thanks!
  3. Buescher
    Hello! I recently inherited an old buescher aristocrat alto saxophone. The laquer's chipped, but that's about the only thing wrong about it. No bumps or anything, so i started playing with it and i love it! It's quite different to the new yamaha i'm used to play with, but hey! This got me...
  4. Buescher
    Hey Everybody, Just got this from eBay. I was told, one owner with original snap ins, gold norton springs, and original lacquer, case, and tru lay mouthpiece. It even has the original booklet. The lacquer is about 75%, but man is it gorgeous where it is. The darkest honey/amber color I have...
  5. Buescher
    With good intentions I purchased for my son a Buescher true tone alto 1929 model. I thought I did good. At least until I talked to my local repair guru. Now I'm looking for a source for pads, a source for snap resonators, and apparently I need a mouthpiece that either came with the horn or a...
1-5 of 11 Results